• Have a working Cachet installation
  • Have created some Cachet components to play with
  • Have a Nagios instance with PHP CLI and php-curl installed


  • Get a Cachet API key: Create a new user in Cachet dashboard, login with this user, and get the API key in his profile.
  • Copy cachet_notify to /usr/share/nagios3/plugins/eventhandlers (depending on your configuration)
  • Change URL and API key in cachet_notification source code
  • Try it: ./cachet_notify ‘My Cachet component’ ‘My nagios service’ CRITICAL HARD ‘The service is Critical’


  • Make a Nagios command:
  define command {
      command_name    cachet_notify
      command_line    /usr/share/nagios3/plugins/eventhandlers/cachet_notify '$ARG1$' '$SERVICEDESC$' '$SERVICESTATE$' '$SERVICESTATETYPE$' '$SERVICEOUTPUT$'
  • Add an event handler on your services:
  define service {
      service_description             My nagios service
      event_handler                   cachet_notify!My Cachet component
  • Restart nagios


Feel free to ask questions or open issues for this code on Github.