After a long night trying to get HTTP cron for osTickets to work, here is my solution :

Things to know

  • Rewritting the URLs of a FastCGI-running PHP application, using Apache2 mod_rewrite on PATH_INFO is broken, it does not work. Never.
  • osTicket needs POST requests to its API.
  • osTicket uses an unsafe way to get PATH_INFO, obviously it will not work with FastCGI.

How to get it work

Open includes/class.osticket.php

Replace :

        //TODO: conruct possible path info.

With :

        $path_info = str_replace(BASE_URI."/", "", $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
        if (!empty($path_info))
                return $path_info;

And call the cron like that :

 /usr/bin/wget -q --no-cache -O /dev/null --post-data '' --header='X-API-Key:your_api_key_here' ''